Subliminal Love
ZonaSun — Subliminal Love
Release date : May. 24, 2008
  1. ZonaSun (Boncin People)
  2. Fire
  3. Subliminal Love
  4. Bless Me Jah
  5. Mr. President
  6. Trees Are Dancin'
  7. Sail
  8. Semi
  9. Even Though
  10. Sail Dub (Silver Tube Mix)



All songs written and arranged by Tommaso “Siddh” Mainardi.
Lead voice and keyboards by Tom Siddh ZonaSun
Guitar, flute and sax by Papadani
Bass by Jahn
Drums by Mr. Xa
Backing vocals by Giordana Boom and Lu
Trumpet by Sista Manu
Mixeds and mastered by Nino Mauro at Studio21 (Bodio, Switzerland)
Graphics and artwork by Emanuela Simona.